Profiles are preconfigured settings for Open Interpreter that make it easy to get going quickly with a specific set of settings. Any setting can be configured in a profile. Custom instructions are helpful to have in each profile, to customize the behavior of Open Interpreter for the specific use case that the profile is designed for.

To load a profile, run:

interpreter --profile <profile_name>.yaml

All profiles are stored in their own folder, which can be accessed by running:

interpreter --profile

To create your own profile, you can add a .yaml file to this folder and add whatever settings you’d like:

custom_instructions: "Always use python, and be as concise as possible"
llm.model: gpt-4
llm.temperature: 0.5
# Any other settings you'd like to add

Any profile named ‘default.yaml’ will be loaded by default.

Profiles can be shared with others by sending them the profile yaml file!