Vision Mode

Recreating a Tailwind Component

Creating a dropdown menu in Tailwind from a single screenshot:

Recreating the ChatGPT interface using GPT-4V:

OS Mode

Playing Music

Open Interpreter playing some Lofi using OS mode:

Open Interpreter Chatting with Open Interpreter

OS mode creating and chatting with a local instance of Open Interpreter:

Controlling an Arduino

Reading temperature and humidity from an Arudino:

Music Creation

OS mode using Logic Pro X to record a piano song and play it back:

Generating images in

Open Interpreter descibing pictures it wants to make, then creating them using OS mode:

Open Interpreter Conversing With ChatGPT

OS mode has a conversation with ChatGPT and even asks it “What do you think about human/AI interaction?”

Sending an Email with Gmail

OS mode launches Safari, composes an email, and sends it: